Letters to the Editor

The camaraderie of the hunt

The front-page story showcasing the young boy going hunting was well received in this household!

My daughter thought that elk was outstanding, and was impressed that the young boy had shot it. At age 11, she understands what it took to stalk and have patience, possibly sitting for endless hours waiting for the right moment to pull the trigger.

I can’t imagine how difficult this might be for an autistic child. Last year she did not have an opportunity to pull the trigger, but she is excited to try again during the upcoming rifle season this fall. I am able to share this special time with her, both going to the range and practicing her shooting skills, as well as enjoying together time in the peace of the woods both before and during the hunt.

Perhaps before you judge a family on how they are raising their children, you might take time to look around you, and see how many families also enjoy the camaraderie that goes with hunting. Maybe, while you are enjoying the day off of school that we get for hunting season opening day, you might take notice of how many families drive by you with an animal on their vehicle that will supply their family with excellent, hormone-free meat.

Beth Ashe, Bellefonte