Letters to the Editor

Don’t waste vote

This letter is to encourage everyone to get out and vote.

No, I am not going to try to tell you who to vote for; you have your ideas and I have mine — leave it at that. This is a very important election and we all need to consider the candidates and get out and vote. I don’t mean vote for the party your ancestor voted for. He is not here; think for yourself and vote.

I have heard some say they don’t like either one and won’t vote at all. This kind of thinking wastes your vote; not a good solution. There is also a third party that makes me think back to Ross Perot, who took enough votes from one candidate to ensure the other’s winning.

I would sum it up by saying, look past the mudslinging and pick the candidate who best stands for the things you believe in. Examine his/her track record and vote for the person you believe is best qualified. Again, not how your great-great-great-grandfather voted. He may have been right in 1890 but this is 2016, and we are not living with the same kind of problems.

Get out and vote.

Charles Lauver, Clearfield