Letters to the Editor

Put country first

I recently ran into a Republican colleague of mine who has always voted one way — straight Republican.

But this year is different. He is putting the country first and voting for Hillary Clinton because he realizes Donald Trump is totally unqualified to be president.

Although I am a registered Democrat, he and I share that view of Trump. I’m also voting for Clinton. She has the background, temperament, judgment and energy to be president. Trump lacks all of these except energy. He is full of bluster and is very good at attacking people, even when his attacks are completely inappropriate, such as attacking Hillary because of Bill’s infidelities.

Trump has no sense of judgment, as illustrated over and over, for example by attacking the parents of a soldier killed in action, or attacking an American-born judge because of his Mexican heritage. He has lied to the American people repeatedly, for example by saying Hillary Clinton is against the Second Amendment. The Ku Klux Klan and other extremist groups have embraced him for good reason: they see a kindred spirit in his attacks on Muslims and illegals. And Trump dismisses police racist killings of black Americans. Let’s not forget his denial of the role of humans in climate change, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. He wants to reverse policies that limit carbon dioxide emissions and make a bad situation even worse.

It is time for all voters to put the country first and vote for Clinton.

Edward Klevans, State College