Letters to the Editor

A different story

I remember reading about the abhorrent scandal of Trump apartments in New York not renting to people of color, and about his dishonest business dealings with contractors who were just trying to make a living. Why are otherwise reasonable voters compelled to support his candidacy regardless of mounting facts that should dissuade them? If you tell a lie often enough, people believe it. That’s not how a democracy works.

Hillary Clinton’s story is different. She was not motivated by huge salaries or she would have gone into corporate law instead of advocating for the civil rights of women and children. Clinton’s mistakes pale in comparison to Trump’s. She has acknowledged her mistakes; he has not.

His indifference to our environmental crisis is criminal. Clinton introduced legislation in 2007 banning trichloroethylene TCE, dangerously harmful to “pregnant women, infants and children” and organized pressure on the EPA to be more vigilant and accountable. No more Newarks or Flints across America, as there are now. Our civilization cannot afford the reckless negligence of Donald Trump.

The Democratic Party platform embraces Bernie Sanders’ revolution that will be a major part of the Clinton White House. Sanders’ millennials should rescue democracy on Nov. 8, just as they did eight years ago with the election of President Obama.

Donald Schule, Boalsburg