Letters to the Editor

Trump encourages anger, hatred

Donald Trump has identified some legitimate concerns regarding difficulties we Americans face. But instead of presenting thorough and reasoned answers he has encouraged fear, anger and hatred.

He has insulted a war hero, maligned women, mimicked the physical handicap of a reporter, insulted the family of a fallen Army soldier and attempted to slander a sitting American judge. All of this during a presidential contest when one would expect a candidate to be on his or her best behavior.

We maintain a democracy by listening politely to each other in a civil exchange of ideas. Because of Trump’s approach using insult and anger with no clear policies, many Republican political and military leaders refuse to endorse him.

I support Hillary Clinton for president. She has the knowledge, experience and leadership skills to govern our country. Her well-thought-out plans for a fair tax system, national security, affordable education and health care will ensure a strong, prosperous America. For your own sake and for the sake of your children and grandchildren, don’t be tempted by the false prophet of hate.

Susan Werner, State College