Letters to the Editor

Celebrating killing is wrong

It was shocking to open the Sept. 24 Centre Daily Times and find a front page photo of a child squatting over the body of what was, only a few moments before, a magnificent bull elk. Worse yet, grinning as if he had just accomplished something wonderful.

Teaching children to develop camaraderie over causing the suffering and death of sentient creatures is wrong. Celebrating killing is wrong, and trophy hunting is the worst type of mentality.

In the natural ecosystem, predators will take down the weak and sick, helping the herd strengthen. Natural predators take only what they need to survive. Cougars don’t trophy hunt. Human sport hunting weakens the herd by taking out the strongest and largest animals, and destroys family groups.

I spend part of the year in State College and the rest of the time in Boulder County, Colo. The first day of deer hunting season is a holiday in Centre County. When a magnificent animal is murdered within the city of Boulder, the citizens mourn. Not too long ago, a well-known bull elk who frequented yards in Boulder was shot by a policeman, just for fun. That perpetrator was tried in the court of public opinion and lost his job.

Please raise your consciousness and stop printing sickening hunting photos that celebrate sport killing. Hunting stops a beating heart.

Cindy Bedell, Louisville, Colo.