Letters to the Editor

Leaders needed to fight climate change

During the 1800s, scientists discovered that if we add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere it will heat up. We have and it has. Just as predicted.

The costs and habitat changes resulting from this warming affect every person, plant or animal on the planet. Climate scientists know it and the people “get it.”

But one group denies it: Republican men running for and holding office.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump, Sen. Pat Toomey, U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson and state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff do not accept or understand the science of climate change.

They can’t be bothered to learn about climate science and the costs their non-acceptance will leave for those who follow. They do not deserve your vote.

Locally and nationally those running for these same positions this year who do “get it” are all Democratic women: Hillary Clinton for president, Katie McGinty for U.S. Senate, Kerith Strano Taylor for Congress and Melody Fleck for state representative. They accept climate science and understand the costs of unchecked climate change. They are not beholden to carbon fuel polluters. They deserve your vote.

Mankind’s biggest challenge is to halt the worst effects of climate change. We have the information and technology we need. We just need real leaders who will fight to make it happen.

The costs and consequences of climate inaction are frightening. On Nov. 8, give your votes to Clinton, McGinty, Strano Taylor and Fleck.

Vote as if a livable planet depends on it. Because it does.

Bob Potter, Boalsburg