Letters to the Editor

Allow memorial

I am a 1980 Penn State alumnus and for the first time since I graduated I bought season football tickets.

While tailgating with family — including my two teenage daughters who also want to attend Penn State — the RV parking lot attendant came over right before we were to go to the game Oct. 1. He indicated that “the administration” does not want me to bring my truck back to the RV lot. He was told not to say anything to me but to just turn us away at the next game.

I have received hundreds of nice words and some tears from not only fans but former football players. You see, my truck has a 7-foot by 20-foot banner in honor of Joe Paterno and his legacy of “a better Penn State.”

Two years ago, I was told I had two months to live and after treatment for lymphoma, I, by the grace of God, get to still be around to make a bucket list. Penn State season tickets were on that list and now I’m not able to tailgate with my memorial to Paterno.

Another item on my bucket list is to take my “JoePa truck” to all the Big Ten stadiums. Ohio State welcomed us last year when Penn State played at the Horseshoe. Now my alma mater does not want me back to celebrate all things Penn State. Paterno loved Penn State; this memorial should be able to go to the homecoming game.

John Thompson, Volant