Letters to the Editor

Service to others

I have voted in 10 presidential elections. In each of these elections the candidates presented a record of public service that indicated they were sincere in wanting to do what was best for the country. Even when I disagreed with their positions, I believed each candidate was selfless, not selfish. I cannot say that this year.

Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime in service to others. She has advocated for children, women, the environment, health care, economic justice, education and world peace. She hasn’t hit a home run every time, but she understands the issues and listens to the voices of others.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a clear record as a selfish con man. It is difficult to find real examples of him caring about or listening to anyone but himself. If elected, his record indicates he would continue to be the manipulator he has been his entire life.

Clinton has demonstrated time and again her deep concern for others. Trump has demonstrated time and again his deep concern only for himself. This is a crucial election on so many levels. We cannot afford to have a president who thinks only about his own interests.

Whether this is your first election or your 11th, please join me in voting for Hillary Clinton.

Janyce Mose, State College