Letters to the Editor

Improving lives

I am a 71-year-old retired Penn State educator, single mother and primary caregiver of my adult daughter who has had chronic health problems for the past 18 years. During my life, I have also been a working mother and a member of the sandwich generation, caring for my mother at the same time as my own family.

I am a passionate supporter of Hillary Clinton. I had the opportunity to shake her hand and connect with her in 1992 and enthusiastically campaigned for her in 2008. I have strong admiration and respect for her as a leader and a groundbreaker for all women.

When I read Clinton’s book, “Living History,” I learned about her lifelong commitment to the John Wesley creed of “Do as much good as possible, for the most people possible.” She has dedicated her life to creating opportunities for struggling Americans and to improving the well-being of women, children and families around the world. She has worked tirelessly since she was a law student to help break down discrimination in educational opportunities for the disabled and minorities, to provide health care for children and to end gender discrimination.

Of course, these issues resonate with me. How much better my life would have been without gender discrimination in my education and career? With paid family and medical leave? With pay equity? With affordable, quality child care? How much better my daughter’s life and her future family will be with Hillary Clinton as our president?

Renee H. Steffensmeier, Ferguson Township