Letters to the Editor

America’s greatness

I believe that America is already great. She is greatest when she lives up to the ideals upon which she was founded. If you cannot recite the familiar phrases or do not recognize that those words define us, well, then, perhaps I can understand to a small degree, the simplistic slogan that adorns hats and yard signs.

I believe that America is greatest when we stand together. But when we begin to exclude certain groups or turn on each other, that is when we betray the ideals we claim to cherish. Walls are loathed by Lady Liberty and bans are unfaithful to our Constitution. Divisive rhetoric tears at the fabric of our country.

When did it become acceptable to disrespect our veterans and their families? Avoiding paying taxes is now smart? Do we want our children to believe it is permissible to demean and mock others? I struggle to see how any of this makes America greater.

If you don’t have the words memorized, I suggest you read the Preamble to our Constitution, the opening lines of our Declaration of Independence and the inscription on our Statue of Liberty. In those words is where you will find America’s greatness. Not on a yard sign. You believe America isn’t already great? Who told you that?

Joseph Torrell, Bellefonte