Letters to the Editor

Supporting Clinton

These are the most important reasons I am supporting Hillary Clinton and opposing Donald Trump:

Climate change: We can all see the effects of climate change. Clinton and the Democrats acknowledge this. Trump and the Republicans deny it.

The Supreme Court: Trump and the Republican Party would appoint justices who would erase gains of the past 50 years on issues that affect the rights of women, children and minorities.

Appropriate behavior: We need to be able to point to our leader and say to our children, “that’s the way to behave.” Trump lies, bullies, taunts and brags.

International credibility: The president of the United States must have the respect of leaders and citizens of other countries. As secretary of state, Clinton has established respect around the world, while Trump is the object of ridicule and disbelief.

On all of these points Clinton is vastly superior to Trump.

Nancy R. Chiswick, Ferguson Township