Letters to the Editor

Proposed policies stand out

In this presidential election, I plan to vote for Hillary Clinton for a simple reason: her proposed policies. She is also one of the most qualified candidates for president in history.

Here is a short sample of the policies she proposes to advance. She wants to make necessary changes to the Affordable Care Act so that it has a public option and so that more people will have access to health care. She proposes paid parental leave of up to 12 weeks, putting us on par with some of our peer nations. As a father who once took parental leave, I see it is a necessity for the parents. Employers benefit by having less stressed employees. Clinton is committed to a tax system where the wealthy and powerful corporations pay their fair share.

She is committed to making community colleges free, to making college debt free, to making crushing student debt easier to retire, and to making public colleges and universities free for families with income less than $125,000.

Although I find it astonishing to have to write this about a candidate for any public office, Clinton believes in the science of climate change. Moreover, she wants to take steps to “make us a clean energy superpower,’’ reduce carbon pollution and install half a billion solar panels by the end of her first term.

These policies, among others, and the backward looking policies of her major party opponent are why Clinton deserves your votes.

Jesse L. Barlow, State College