Letters to the Editor

Strong family-leave policies for all

A person who regularly disparages women and people of color in the White House is dangerous to our society. I’ll not be voting for or supporting Donald Trump in November.

I don’t want a racist and sexist despot in the White House who believes women are there for his taking.

One of the many retrograde ideas held by Trump is that of parenting and women’s “place” in life. He believes that parenting is the sole responsibility of women. His parental leave policy is discriminatory toward men. It would also result in more economic disparity between educated white men and just about everyone else.

We need a president and elected officials who believe in a compassionate, caring family-friendly workplace and community. We need people who’ll craft strong, national and state-based egalitarian, family-leave policies for all. For men. For women. For LGBTQIA people. For single as well as married parents and adult caregivers. And for people regardless of color or source and amount of income.

So in November, I’m voting for people running for the policymaking positions who fit this bill. Here in Pennsylvania, they’re all women — a first for me. That’s Hillary Clinton for president, Katie McGinty for the U.S. Senate and Kerith Strano Taylor for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District. At the state level, it’s Melody Fleck for the 171st House District — the same seat I ran for in 2008 when I was the only woman anywhere on my ballot that year.

I hope you’ll vote for these women too.

Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Bellefonte