Letters to the Editor

No clue how government works

Donald Trump’s flirtation with Putin and Castro, and his statements during the second debate related to prosecuting and jailing Hillary Clinton should he become the president, suggest that Trump lacks the understanding of our Constitution and the functions of our three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial.

Our democracy ... that wonderful experiment that our Founding Fathers initiated more than 200 years ago, cannot be squandered on Trump because he has no clue of how government works. The United States government is not the Trump Co. where he rules like an autocrat. Neither are we Russia, where Putin, a modern day tsar, calls the shots. We do not jail our political opponents. Further, Trump’s erratic and irresponsible behavior is not suitable. The president of the United States is the most important world leader. The skills and talent essential for a business tycoon do not necessarily translate to government.

In comparison, Clinton’s measured words, experience, demeanor and deliberate style of pondering issues before jumping to conclusions will serve our country well. Clinton learns from her mistakes while her opponent keeps digging a bigger hole. I will vote for Clinton on Nov. 8 without hesitation. I can’t wait to say, “Madam President” because Clinton has prepared herself for the position. The shoes fit!

Maria Sweet, State College