Letters to the Editor

Don’t make this hire

Donald Trump wants to be “hired” as our next president. But his record demonstrates he should not be considered for the job.

Consider: Major employers today do all sorts of background checks by finding information about job candidates on the web and on social media. Teenagers and college students are constantly warned about posting examples of inappropriate or questionable behavior. But a simple web search at Trump’s own words and actions would remove him from consideration by most employers. He would not be hired.

Consider: All positions that must be confirmed by the Senate are required to disclose their tax returns according to ethics lawyers for both the Obama administration and the former administration under George W. Bush. A president will not even think about advancing a person for Cabinet nomination or any Senate-confirmed position unless he or she has released their tax returns. That’s right, Donald Trump would not be nominated for any position in the U.S. Cabinet under either a Republican or a Democratic president without releasing his tax returns. He would not be even be considered.

Donald Trump wants the country to hire him. On Nov. 8 the American people should say to Trump: “You’re fired!”

Paul Weener, Boalsburg