Letters to the Editor

Record speaks loud and clear

Rep. Glenn Thompson has claimed many times to have our best interest in the forefront while representing us in Washington. He also has claimed to be a champion for farmers and agriculture in our area, but he has co-sponsored (not just voted for, but co-sponsored) two bills that contradict these claims. I could cite more of his voting record, but these are the two that are deal breakers for me.

The first in June 2015, The Country of Origin Labeling Amendment Act, repealed the labeling requirements for beef, pork and chicken to inform consumers from what country their meats originate or are packaged.

The second, in July 2015, prohibits mandatory labeling of food produced from, containing or consisting of bio-engineered organisms.

How do these bills help local farmers? How can these bills be considered in the best interest of the people of the 5th Congressional District? I have sent emails to his office asking for reasons to help me understand, but they have only been answered with automated return emails.

Thompson’s voting record speaks loud and clear that his interest in is his campaign fund, not our best interest.

I will be voting for Kerith Strano-Taylor on Nov. 8.

Michelle Crowell, Lock Haven