Letters to the Editor

Trump gets it

For several years I’ve grown anguished by what appears to be the emergence of one-party rule in the United States.

Recent evidence from leaked email messages confirm my fears. The Democrats and mainstream media have forged a political coalition to which the GOP acquiesces as a means of holding on to whatever power they can.

Through lies and fear mongering, this corrupt triumvirate leads us to perpetual war, ensures a future of economic despair, and promotes the fallacious idea that higher taxes and government growth can promote peace and prosperity. In fact, their arguments and actions pose a significant threat to individual liberty and democratic ideals.

Donald Trump, though running on the GOP ticket, understands this scam and, in my opinion, represents the last best hope of cleaning out the corrupt stables of current American government. He may seem vulgar or brutish to some, but his insight and honesty seem quite fresh compared to the lying demagoguery of Hillary Clinton, her cronies in both parties and her media lackeys, who are too corrupt or insufficiently intelligent to deliver objective information.

Therefore, on Election Day, I will vote for Donald Trump for president of the United States.

Roger Shouse, State College