Letters to the Editor

Working for us

In the 5th Congressional District, we are fortunate to have at the top of the ballot three excellent candidates, who also happen to be women: Kerith Strano Taylor, Katie McGinty and Hillary Clinton. All three are dynamic, proven leaders with well-thought-out policy proposals.

Their opponents are the three T’s: Thompson, Toomey and Trump. Glenn Thompson and Pat Toomey have been stalwarts of the obstructionist Republican-led Congress, which boasts of its top priority being opposition to our president. They put the dictates of party over the needs of our nation.

In eight years, the only bill Thompson has authored to become law designates a post office to honor a war hero. Toomey has held to the hypocritical party line of unprecedented refusal to grant a hearing to Supreme Court nominee Garland.

So far, neither Thompson nor Toomey has disavowed Donald Trump, even with the latest evidence of his profound unfitness for office. Trump’s words and actions demeaning women must be condemned. He exaggerates our problems and blames them on immigrants and Muslims, thereby inciting racial hatred, xenophobia and religious intolerance. He cannot to be trusted to tell the truth and must not be trusted with the command of our great nation and its military.

We have stark choices on the Nov. 8 ballot. We can reward inaction and condone hatred, or we can vote for candidates — Strano Taylor, McGinty and Clinton — who will go to Washington to work for us.

Susan Bennett Smith, State College