Letters to the Editor

Fresh perspectives

With all the attention on the upcoming presidential election, have you considered other elections that affect us right here in Pennsylvania?

One of them is the election for representative of the 76th Legislative District, a seat held by Mike Hanna. This year, his challenger’s name is Stephanie Borowicz. She resides in McElhattan with her husband, who is a pastor, and their three sons.

Borowicz is running as a conservative for: less government intrusion in our daily lives; common sense fiscal responsibility in our state government; lower taxes and more family-sustaining jobs for the hardworking citizens; real property tax reform, especially for seniors on fixed incomes; stronger schools that bring power back into hands of local teachers and fully empower tomorrow’s workforce; protection of our agricultural heritage and family farms; the return of morals, values that have served this state and our country since its inception before the introduction and application of political correctness that’s corrupted and obscured our views and sense of right vs. wrong; and protection of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

Borowicz is not a career politician beholden to lobbyists, special interests and campaign financiers. She graduated from Vanguard University with a degree in liberal studies and a minor in Bible, and is a former teacher and nonprofit organization president.

Borowicz, new to politics, brings fresh perspectives that will transcend into the office if elected.

Dennis E. Packer, Blanchard