Letters to the Editor

Give Clinton a chance

Those voters who hate Hillary Clinton seem prepared to elect a foul-mouthed fascistic bully whose bluster should not be confused with real courage.

Clinton has done what politicians always do: spin and shade the truth in her favor, while sticking with a flawed marriage.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, has trampled all over the truth. He is no truth-teller but simply an outrageous bully who cannot be trusted to keep his word on any contract, let alone run a country. He has no relevant experience. He has no real policy. He has no morals.

Numbers of women informally have accused him of low-grade sexual assault, and he bragged to Howard Stern that, as the owner of the Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA pageants, he exercised the “right” to wander in and out of the dressing rooms of naked contestants, including in one case a 15-year-old. In other words, he’s a voyeur too.

He has no judgment, and he has no compassion. His biggest ideas appear to be torture for our enemies, murder for their families, jail for his opponents, assault for people who protest at his rallies and betrayal for our allies. Let’s forget him.

It’s time to give the woman a chance. People on both sides of the aisle thought she was a good senator, and she was resoundingly re-elected. Her husband was an effective president, and she was one of his closest advisers. That’s relevant experience; elect her.

Steven H. Smith, State College