Letters to the Editor

Modernize organ donation law

I understood something last year that I didn’t fully appreciate before: every moment in this life is precious.

Fifteen months ago, my health was deteriorating fast. The doctors told me I needed a lung transplant to live. My family would have done anything to help me — but there was nothing to do but wait and pray for a miracle.

Not all organs are viable — most patients make several trips before the actual transplant. I was fortunate to get one call.

There are 8,000 people in Pennsylvania waiting for a call just like I was. I appreciated seeing the Centre Daily Times article about a piece of legislation that will help them (“Coroners, organ donation groups debate law,” Oct. 2).

Pennsylvania is one of just three states in the country without modern organ donation laws — the Donate Life PA Act will modernize state law.

It is an outrage that red tape and outdated laws might prevent people like me from getting a second chance. It is wrong that Pennsylvania coroners have blocked more organ donations than Florida, New York, California, Illinois and 30 other states combined. It is obvious that our law should be updated to adopt what is working in other states.

I was blessed, but no more deserving than any of the other 8,000 people on the list.

Every single life that we can save is worth saving. I ask our lawmakers to please support the Donate Life PA Act.

Steve Constable, Bellefonte