Letters to the Editor

After the election

In a short time Americans will be voting for president. It has been a long and divisive campaign. One way or another we will have a new president.

I think that equally important to who that president is, is the question of how we will get along with each other after the election. Will we continue to be as polarized as we are now? If so, no one will be the winner. Or will we remember what we have in common? We all wish for peace, prosperity and freedom. We all value our democratic heritage. We all hope to create a better society for future generations. We may well differ on how to accomplish our shared purposes, but I think that what we share is much more than what divides us. If we concentrate on what binds us, if we work together, then we have a chance to accomplish our common dreams.

We should remember the words of Abraham Lincoln, spoken at his second inaugural address, at the end of a bitter civil war: “With malice toward none, with charity for all ... let us strive to do all which may achieve ... a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

Eric Smith, State College