Letters to the Editor

Change needed

The fatal flaw of free market capitalism is that it gives the illusion of propriety to grossly opulent inequality. It mythifies the wealthy and normalizes greed as it vilifies the poor in order to rationalize the framework of privilege built on the backs of slaves. This inevitably leads to the civil unrest we are now witnessing in many of our cities.

The rewritten narrative of glossed over and romanticized history partitions many of us from the causality of systemic injustice which, in turn, breeds dignified indifference among the privileged and resentment toward the disenfranchised. Racism takes on a softer look, leaving the hate behind, but not the ignorance. The perception of undeserved vilification leads to a feeling of persecution when the demographical majority are asked to acknowledge the existence of racial inequality.

Cultural blinders and cognitive biases impede our judgment creating a rift of misunderstanding. Consequently, turning a blind eye to the suffering of others becomes easier, increasing the size of the powder keg underneath our currently broken society.

This is why the change we need to create a just society must come from a revolutionary and fundamental transformation of each and every one of us brought about by the enlightenment of knowledge.

In the end, it is our consent that determines the continued survival of any political and economic system. Once enough of us realize this, humanity will begin the next step in our (r)evolution.

Timothy Havener, Mill Hall