Letters to the Editor

Not trustworthy

It’s hard not to be cynical about the CDT’s article on Oct. 15 about the Toll Brothers asking for “public input” about their proposed luxury student apartment complex on Whitehall Road.

Why is this front-page news rather than a letter to the editor or an ad buy? I don’t believe for a second that Toll Brothers cares about this community or that they don’t already know what the citizens want. Citizens sued to stop this development on our watershed (Harter-Thomas wellfields) and won the suit because the Toll Brothers and Ferguson Township supervisors tried to override township zoning laws, according to the judge.

Toll Brothers appealed the ruling against them to the Commonwealth Court, but the outcome will not be determined until the latter part of 2017. Toll Brothers should go back to Philadelphia and stay out of our town. We can’t trust them. Toll Brothers settled with the EPA for $741,000 for alleged discharge of pollutants at 370 sites in 23 states, including 40 sites located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed in violation of the Clean Water Act.

State College has some of the cleanest drinking water left in the nation and we want to keep it that way. But there is more at stake here besides the risk of contaminating our drinking water supply by a huge development on our watershed.

If Toll Brothers wins on appeal this would set a dangerous precedent, allowing developers to ignore municipal zoning ordinances anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Kelli Hoover, Pennsylvania Furnace