Letters to the Editor

Vote wisely

So much attention has been paid to the presidential election that we are in danger of forgetting where the real power lies, and it is not with the president.

A president can suggest, ask, demand, cajole, veto, but the power to act lies within Congress. It is not fair to blame a president for what Congress has done or failed to do.

If you are unhappy and disgusted with what has happened or failed to happen in Washington, then vote for change. Vote for a person who will speak independently instead of blindly following party lines. Vote for someone who will put the good of our country before the good of his or her own party. Vote for someone who will cooperate across party lines to accomplish the best for America.

The most effective way to let Congress know that you want change is to use your vote. Use it wisely.

Carola Rohrbaugh, Pine Grove Mills