Letters to the Editor

Make careful choice

I am disgusted by the actions of Stephanie Borowicz and her campaign.

First I receive a mailer on her behalf from Harrisburg attacking a member of Mike Hanna’s family, then I see her making rude remarks to Hanna at the Christian Coalition debate, seemingly questioning his integrity by calling his presence an “oxymoron.”

Last I checked, Hanna was the one endorsed by the Pro-Life Federation of PA, not Ms. Borowicz.

Coming from Florida, Borowicz clearly doesn’t understand that around here, we don’t attack each other’s families and we treat each other with respect when we disagree. Instead of spreading lies and insults, she should focus on how she would specifically help improve our community better than someone like Hanna who already brings back $2 for every $1 we pay in state taxes.

All too often candidates attempt to blindfold voters by focusing on negative attacks on their opponent instead of focusing on what they could potentially bring to the table. Even more often, this tactic is used because they have nothing to bring to the table. Know the difference.

Choose the path for the 76th District carefully. It will be a tough view from the back of the House chambers in Harrisburg with someone representing each of us that doesn’t have a plan — on any topic — to get us to the front microphone where we can be heard. Be informed.

Vote wisely, our future depends on it.

Jason Walker, Lock Haven