Letters to the Editor

We, the people

I am not a Hillary Clinton apologist. Though she, like every other political candidate in American history, has flaws, she has an unprecedented record of public service that has led to the betterment of the American people. She is clearly a stellar candidate in terms of accomplishments, experience, intellect, bearing and heart.

When Barack Obama was elected by a majority of American voters, Mitch McConnell stated that the top priority of the Senate was to make Obama a one-term president. The House followed suit. What an amazing priority. How about governing? How about serving the American people?

The Republican Party then made a no-compromise pledge that, for eight years, has hamstrung most of Obama’s efforts to help the American public. The GOP largely succeeded, costing us, the people, a great opportunity to better our lives.

Now, I read that the Senate is circling the wagons in anticipation of blocking any Supreme Court nominee that Clinton would propose. The court is currently hobbled by the partisan unwillingness to vote on a clearly qualified, centrist nominee. I want the Supreme Court to be centrist and nonpartisan. The GOP’s stance and their proposed blockages are outrageous. This is beyond shameful.

What happened to country before party? What happened to the ideals of America? How can anyone support this fiasco in the Senate? Please consider voting for restoring sanity, thoughtfulness and concern for “We, the people,” in every election race this November.

Marilyn Goldfarb, Boalsburg