Letters to the Editor

Setting an example

I can’t help but think that our former attorney general Kathleen Kane is getting off way too easy.

In previous issues of the CDT it states that her lawyer is making her out to be a loving mother who cares about the well-being of her children. Why didn’t she think of their welfare when lying under oath?

Her representation also makes pleas for house arrest and probation, when the offenses she was convicted of were not minor offenses. She doesn’t want to be put behind bars with women whom she helped to put away as a prosecutor. Well I guess she should have thought about that when she was busy concocting outrageous schemes to not only discredit herself, but the entire state of Pennsylvania.

It really makes me wonder about the state of our nation. Just recently in our own Bellefonte, the drama and behavior of our elected officials was questioned. It is shoved in our faces on a daily basis regarding the presidential candidates.

Why is it that I want so much to believe in a person elected into office? Why is it I still hold them to a higher ethical standard than your average Joe? Why is it, every time I do, they end up in a scandal? And why is it that every time they do something shady, they seem to not get the consequences they deserve?

Guess I’ll just have to run for office and set my own example.

Sarah Gardner, Bellefonte