Letters to the Editor

Handouts are insulting

As a middle-class citizen I am sickened by the political agendas to “fix” this shrinking class. Every solution, whether it be for education, health care, etc., seems to involve government spending funded by us taxpayers.

Ironically, every person I speak with is shouting for less government involvement in their lives. The rich have the loopholes to avoid paying federal taxes, so in a sense they have made a killing off our need to borrow money to provide for our families while not having to pay into the government programs we now must have in order to support the basic needs our incomes can’t fulfill.

Every part of our lives now has government programs attached to it.

I am insulted. I don’t want your government handouts. They don’t solve anything. In the ’70s my mother stayed at home and could choose to do that (child care issue solved), my father had a steady job (pride in providing for family), we could afford a house payment (mortgage more affordable even with sky high interest rates), electricity, fuel, food, going to the doctor (because premiums did not equal half his paycheck) and I could go to college with loans that did not equal a mortgage (more like a 10-year car payment).

We could afford the basics without a credit card and three jobs and could afford to dream of bettering ourselves. That is called middle class empowerment. We could pay our own way.

What the ?!?! Give pride and hope back!

Stephanie Stapleton, Aaronsburg