Letters to the Editor

Buy American

Back in high school I learned an economic concept called supply and demand. Simply put, if people want something, they buy it. If people demand more of something, then manufacturers will supply more.

The problem with this equation is that it doesn’t have a face on it. The only place you can find the face of supply and demand is on the label on the back of that shirt you just bought. Made in China. The argument that NAFTA has created this crisis in American manufacturing (and the consequent decline in good paying jobs for Americans) is missing the point.

The American people have created this crisis by buying cheap goods made abroad. If you want to put Americans back to work, you must start buying American-made goods.

So, next time you go shopping, take a look at the label of origin and ask yourself this question: Do I want to support American families or foreign families? Buy American!

Dawn Stewart, Tyrone