Letters to the Editor

A community fixture

Earlier this month, Robert E. “Bobby” Clark, of Rebersburg, passed away at Centre Crest. For decades, Bobby was a fixture in the Rebersburg community.

When the Miles Township Fire Company needed a flagman during tough times in emergencies, or happier times during parades, Bobby stepped up. When the small village could use a courier to transport mail and money between the grocery store, bank, and post office, Bobby was there.

If you were a candidate for public office and a member of Bobby’s political party, you were very fortunate to know him. He did not need voter registration lists. He not only knew where everyone lived and how they were registered, he knew what car they drove and the approximate time they arrived home from work.

He was tireless.

Over a period of years, he handed out literally thousands of pieces of candidates’ literature at Grange Fair. He was respected across political party lines because he always showed respect and civility toward anyone who participated in the democratic process, particularly those willing to place their name on the ballot.

When President George H.W. Bush spoke of a “kinder and gentler nation” he could have very well been speaking about Bobby.

President John F. Kennedy once said that the highest office in America was that of citizen.

Bobby Clark held that office with civility and dignity.

Keith Bierly, Centre Hall