Letters to the Editor

Hats off to coaches

Although winning is always the goal in any game, it is not the primary focus of a good coach. Building character, discipline and teamwork is the most important objective in the education process.

We are blessed with exceptional talent in both football and Little League baseball.

In high school football, one coach stands out among the rest: Clearfield’s Tim Janocko. His sole presence on the field commands respect from his players. His appearance — white shirt and tie — are his trademark. My hat goes off to him for maintaining a professional attitude in a time when it is so desperately needed to nurture our young athletes striving to make their mark.

On the other end of the sport spectrum, but no less dedicated, is volunteer Little League baseball coach Aaron Tiracorda, a Pennsylvania state trooper. Through his efforts and extreme dedication to the sport of baseball he led the Four Leaf All Stars Little League team to a 4-0 victory in the Clearfield Tournament, taking home first place out of nine participating teams, receiving nothing more than the satisfaction of leading young athletes to develop to their full potential. He is an outstanding role model for the youth as well as representing the exemplary character of the Pennsylvania State Police.

A common thread joins the two coaches together that can serve as an important message to all; they achieve respect and success through professionalism and patience, not intimidation.

Joseph Colton, Smithmill