Letters to the Editor

Move past gridlock

This year one of the most important races in the country is for Pennsylvania’s U.S. senator because the balance of the Senate could be at stake.

The current Republican majority has clearly demonstrated that they are not interested in governing, compromising or doing anything except blocking ideas put forth by the other side.

And, if their recent history wasn’t evidence enough, Republican Sen. John McCain recently said that a Republican majority would continue to block qualified nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court, including any put forth by a potential president Clinton. Re-electing incumbent Pat Toomey could make this ridiculous scenario a reality. Does anyone really want this to happen? Do we really want gridlock to continue?

Katie McGinty has the background, the experience and the smarts to be a senator we can all be proud of. She has demonstrated she cares about the people and the environment of Pennsylvania. She will work to end gridlock in Washington.

There are so many issues that demand our elected representatives sit down with the other side and seek solutions. Toomey has demonstrated he is not interested in doing this. McGinty has demonstrated she is.

A vote for Toomey is a vote for more obstruction in D.C. A vote for McGinty is a vote to move the country ahead.

Christine Perry, Boalsburg