Letters to the Editor

Clinton shares my vision

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s, living with my parents and brother in a one-bedroom apartment, I never dreamed about a life so full of plenty.

My parents had high school educations, and both worked very hard to support the family. When my father’s health deteriorated to the point of disability, supporting us fell entirely to my mother, who worked low-paying retail and clerical jobs. My father was an immigrant whose family perished in the Holocaust and my mother’s family members also were immigrants. In an effort to escape prejudice my parents assimilated and much of their culture and language were not passed on to me or my brother.

To me this election is about selecting a candidate who will work toward helping more people achieve what I did. This means having access to a good public education, including quality pre-K, and to an affordable college education that will enable them to participate fully in the economy and in their communities.

It also means helping people find refuge in America from the horrors of war and genocide. It means that refugees will find safety and a welcoming environment that supports maintaining their cultural traditions and passing them on to their offspring. It means having a growing diverse American population where immigrants can contribute their talents to expanding our economy.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate who shares my vision.

Renee H. Steffensmeier, Ferguson Township