Letters to the Editor

Trump walks boldly, talks plainly

I never knew much about “The Donald,” never watched his TV show or followed his career.

I did know — via the media, who liked Trump (hmm ... interesting) — that he was a successful businessman. As soon as he announced his candidacy, the media attacked (hmm ... interesting).

When Trump declared his candidacy, I paid little attention to the rich, self-assured man with strange hair. I watched and listened to the GOP candidates’ debate, with the predictable political, robotic rhetoric, condescension and self-absorption. Trump kept knocking them off one by one, with confidence, and truer words were never spoken. “Low energy Jeb” hit the mark, as did “Lil’ Marco “and “Lyin’ Ted.” Donald J. Trump got my attention.

Scurrying for the presidency, on both sides, were the typical dismal daunting politicians, with the same subterfuge I’ve heard a million times. “Crooked Hillary” offers universal health care, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, emails, lies, Bill, open borders, deceit and corruption ... no way!

As an independent, I vote for the person whom I believe will work hard to do the best job. First criteria: pro-life. After that, talk to me, tell me what’s on your mind, what your aspirations are for this nation and tell it to me straight. Trump did just that. There was no jargon to wade through ... it was freeing!

I am sold on and endeared to this man, who walks boldly, talks plainly and has legitimate ideas and solutions to extremely serious problems. God bless Trump with a landslide victory!

Katie Biega,

Pine Grove Mills