Letters to the Editor

Don’t give up on democracy

Now is not the time for complacency, despair or exhaustion. Just think how sick and depressed we’ll feel on Nov. 9 if Americans are misguided, apathetic or delusional enough to elect Donald Trump.

“What do we have to lose?” he asks. Just ask those unfortunate enough to have been fleeced and bankrupted by his artful deals. Trust me, says the guy with 0, zero, nada elected experience. This guy is so smart, he doesn’t pay taxes.

After nearly 18 months of toxic, “truthful hyperbole,” he’s still going strong, but the country is feeling abused, anxious and paranoid. Folks, it’s sad, so sad. Absolutely everything is a disaster. Just name one thing in this land that’s not wrong. It’s a wonder we can feed ourselves!

In a frighteningly prescient 2012 interview with retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter, he cited Benjamin Franklin’s belief that democracy cannot survive civic ignorance. When people do not know or understand who is responsible for problems not addressed or acted upon (e.g. Supreme Court vacancies), they are liable to give up on government and hand over the reins to some strongman who boasts he alone can fix it all.

Justice Souter believes this is the most likely way for a democracy to die. Let’s not put it to the test.

Bill Butler, Pennsylvania Furnace