Letters to the Editor

McGinty fit for leadership

Across several decades I taught undergraduate and graduate leadership courses, developed a graduate-level degree program related to organizational leadership, and served as president of a national professional society. Those experiences taught me the importance of leadership to organizational effectiveness and coping with change. Leadership is especially important for those elected public officials who are tasked with making the difficult decisions that can determine our quality of life and, perhaps, even our survival.

The recent debate between Democrat Katie McGinty and Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, candidates for the U.S. Senate, provided a stark contrast between their leadership qualities. Scientific evidence is clear that climate change is a major threat to our country and the world. Developing strategic visions and long-term goals that can ameliorate the human behaviors that contribute to climate change is among the most important issues facing humankind in both the short and long term.

Yet, Toomey fails to accept that climate change is real and joins his political party and its presidential candidate in lacking the ability to identify climate change’s current and future threats to our existence. Toomey fails as a leader.

McGinty understands that climate change is a real threat to all of us. She accepts the science behind climate change and realizes we must act now. Identifying a problem and then dealing with it is true leadership. She passes the leadership test.

Pennsylvania wins with Katie McGinty representing us in the U.S. Senate.

James L. Farr, Boalsburg