Letters to the Editor

McGinty is in your best interest

One of the television smear advertisements aimed at Katie McGinty was paid for by the Freedom Partners Action Fund Super PAC. The two top contributors to this PAC were Koch Industries and Charles Koch.

The PAC supports the same objectives as does their candidate, Sen. Pat Toomey. These are to keep taxes low on the very rich investor class and reduce government regulations. Regulations in the areas of keeping a clean environment, and investment banking.

Lower taxes on the extremely rich investor class means that the taxes needed to run government must be raised on the local and state level, mainly from the middle class. Lack of regulations have in the past led to environmental disasters, in our air and water, and to the financial collapse of 2008, which did far more to reduce wages and the number of jobs than does immigration and trade.

When not in government, Toomey worked in the investment banking industry. Toomey is not a moderate and that is why in most people’s self-interest they should vote for Katie McGinty in the tight U.S. Senate election in Pennsylvania.

Roy Greenfield, State College