Letters to the Editor

What does he have to lose?

We are all aware that Donald Trump has refused to reveal his tax returns. He claims that by not paying taxes, (something all of us would like to avoid), it shows how “smart” he is. If so, what does he have to lose by revealing his tax return?

Let us speculate. First, the IRS has already reviewed his return and he could not be charged with any more taxes. However, by revealing his return, we, the people, could look into his hundreds of millions of dollars of tax writeoffs. We could possibly find out more about, what appears to be, “slave labor” to build his golf course in Dubai (see the BBC report by Ben Anderson).

Are there links to possible “hush money” to any of the women he may have molested? Are there ties to Russian businesses? Is there anyone asking why Russia is hacking American computers to try to help him? I personally welcome peace initiatives with Russia, but major contributions to his campaign and cyber attacks by foreign nations are not peace initiatives.

What is he hiding? If he is so proud of how smart he is, then revealing his tax return should only make him look smarter. For those who think that Trump is honest, let him prove that honesty by showing his tax returns. Every other candidate has done so.

Trump has nothing to lose, unless he is hiding information that would make his supporters question his integrity.

James Serene, State College