Letters to the Editor

She stands up for me

October was domestic violence awareness month. Let’s use Donald Trump’s words and actions to teach our girls, boys, men and women about rape, sexual assault and appropriate treatment of women.

Over the course of this election season Trump has insulted, demeaned and minimized almost every person different than himself — whether it be because of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality or disability. Had he insulted one of these people it should have been enough for us, as a nation, to say, “No” — that a man who speaks of others in such a way is unfit to lead America. Instead, it took us until we learned of Trump’s assault and predatory behavior toward women to say “Enough.”

As a Jewish woman with a disability who is also a victim of sexual assault, I hope that we come together as a country to use Trump’s language to raise our consciousness. Our first step toward raising our nation’s collective conscience is to say, “No” — no to demeaning any group or person different than ourselves and no to racism, misogyny, hatred, xenophobia, sexism and prejudice in the person who is to hold the office of president.

How do we do this? By electing Hillary Clinton as our next president who is a champion for an inclusive America. On Nov. 8, I will proudly vote for the first woman president because she stands up for me.

Emily Steffensmeier, State College