Letters to the Editor

Real change needed

I will begin by paraphrasing two notable individuals.

Jerry Falwell, president of Liberty University, having endorsed Donald Trump early on, was asked if he still supports Trump considering the sexist video made public. He said that he continues to support Trump and that it is not Trump’s past history that is important, but rather the future of America that is important.

Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned neurosurgeon and former GOP candidate turned Trump supporter/adviser, was recently asked the same question. His response: If we continue on our current path our country is heading for a cliff and Donald Trump is the only candidate with real solutions.

A few weeks back we celebrated the heroes and heroines of Flight 93. Fifteen years earlier, these men and women foresaw a disturbing future if the terrorists who had commandeered their flight were permitted to follow through on apparent plans to destroy our nation’s capitol. They rallied with the call: “Let’s roll!” They wasted no time debating/criticizing who might be their leader. These heroic men and women were true patriots and acted decisively, saving our nation from an otherwise pending disaster.

More than 240 years ago our Founding Fathers were the true patriots. They were willing to sacrifice their lives for our republic. Today, unfortunately, too many are willing to sacrifice our republic for their lives (translate lifestyles). We need real change: for our republic, for ourselves, and for generations to follow.

“Let’s roll!” Let’s do our part Nov. 8. It’s that simple.

Jim Tomlinson, Boalsburg