Letters to the Editor

Trump-Pence best choice

I think that a Trump-Pence administration would be better for America than a Clinton-Kaine administration for the following three reasons.

First, a Trump-Pence administration is committed to the national sovereignty and security of America. It is committed to defending our borders and strengthening our military. It is committed to honoring our law enforcement officers and helping to bring security and safety to our cities. It is committed to ending the scourge of protecting criminals in sanctuary cities.

Second, a Trump-Pence administration is committed to appointing Supreme Court and other federal judges who value the original intent of our founding fathers expressed in the Constitution. Judges would be appointed (and hopefully confirmed) who would recognize and defend the constitutional freedoms that we citizens highly value, especially the First and Second Amendment freedoms that are under attack.

Third, a Trump-Pence administration is committed to reducing high taxation and overegulation, which greatly hampers business growth and family prosperity in our country. Their plan would help to revive our economic health, which is good for all citizens. They are also committed to repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, which continues to manifest increased cost and decreased choice.

I support a Trump-Pence administration.

Drew Fenstermacher, State College