Letters to the Editor

More should care

I find it very disturbing that a group of people from Miles Township are “up in arms” and even calling special meetings about a possible vote by their township supervisors on letting UTVs, ATVs and snowmobiles use the township roads.

But they have never cared enough about their own Township Veterans Monument being incorrect to ever have any special meetings to discuss that subject? How long will it be till someone cares enough to do the right thing and take the time, do the research and make the corrections? Probably never.

May God help them if a snowmobile goes past their house or an ATV or UTV goes flying down the road. Too bad they don’t care enough about getting a local veterans monument to be “historically correct.”

I guess that doesn’t affect their taxes or their listening to their TVs at night. It’s only been incorrect for more than six years. No reason to rush! I have been told I am the only one who cares. Boy that is the truth. Shame on them!

Jim Hironimus, White Hall, Md.