Letters to the Editor

A changed mind

Bernard Nathanson was a co-founder of NARAL Pro-Choice America. He performed thousands of abortions. After Roe v. Wade, he was having second thoughts about abortion.

About this time the ultrasound machine was made available for obstetricians. In the 1980s, he thought it might be interesting to film a midterm abortion in progress. What he saw appalled him so much that he had to leave the room. He realized that the baby he was aborting was writhing in pain.

After witnessing this he completely reversed his position, became pro-life and never performed another abortion. The woman who was filming the procedure was also appalled and could no longer support abortion. Bernard offered this film to the public and called it “The Silent Scream.” He realized the baby who was being aborted by suction was screaming in the womb and was trying to get away from the utensils the abortionist was using.

Ultrasound technology was not as advanced in 1985 and it may be difficult to tell what the experienced doctor was interpreting, but today the 3-D/4-D ultrasound technology is so amazing that there can be no doubt that there is a living baby in the womb.

One can understand why Planned Parenthood is fighting so hard to prevent any legislation that would require a mother to have an ultrasound before she goes through what is clearly murder of a baby.

Gloria Lehr, State College