Letters to the Editor

Running out of time

Imagine that you recently visited your physician and were told that you have a serious health problem. Now what? Obtain a second opinion, begin an inconvenient regimen of treatments, or completely ignore the diagnosis. Obviously, if you chose the third option, it could be fatal.

Now imagine that you learned our “body” the Earth has been diagnosed with a life-threatening “illness” known as climate change. And this diagnosis was made by thousands of “doctors of climatology” and other Earth scientists. They also tell you that this dangerous condition was caused by the burning of fossil fuels, and was aided and abetted by fossil fuel companies for decades.

So, we could wait for a second opinion, begin treatment immediately, or simply disregard it.

Common sense says we should act immediately. We should try to convince our elected officials about the seriousness of this, and have them enact legislation that would put a price on carbon, end fossil fuel subsidies, invest in renewable energy, and eventually strive to leave all fossil fuels in the ground.

We all have our beliefs. But science is different. It is knowledge that is based on demonstrable and reproducible data, and it’s how we’ve accumulated the vast trove of information about the universe — including our beloved planet. And science is telling us that we’re really running out of time.

I urge you to watch the new, compelling documentary entitled, “Before the Flood” with Leonardo DiCaprio, which is available on the National Geographic channel and online.

Mike Kamandulis, Kersey