Letters to the Editor

Legacy will last beyond election

Donald Trump has definitely had an impact on the American political landscape. Let’s look at how he has affected it.

He has empowered Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, racists, nativists and anti-feminists to come forward to spread their hate. He has destroyed any civility that once was part of the election process. He has undermined our political institutions by his comments regarding Congress and the presidency; our election process by saying he was cheated if he did not win and by encouraging his zealous supporters to monitor election sites in our cities.

In addition, he has harmed our national security by encouraging Russia to hack our emails and by his statements in support of Russia. This is the man who aims to make America great again! If anything he has made America a more divided and hateful place.

And unfortunately his legacy will last beyond the 2016 election.

John Casey, State College