Letters to the Editor

Kudos to 2 special PSU students

Something happened that has never happened before in the 48 years that we have lived in the Highlands neighborhood in State College. I was raking and blowing leaves in our yard when a car pulled up across the street. Two young men got out and came toward me. I was expecting them to ask directions, instead they asked if they could help me. One was Mac from Connecticut and a pledge at Tau Kappa Epsilon. The other was Paul from New Jersey and a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. We found that we had Greek ties and shared our “small world” stories. They got to work and raked, not only our yard, but also our neighbor’s. I had no cookies to offer them but brought out two cans of soda and some cash. They welcomed the soda but would not take the cash. They said they were just out looking to see if they could do some good. They did say they would take a hug!

They left with a wave and a smile. Then one of them came back with his phone number and said if I ever needed help to please call him.

Kudos to two special students who are a credit to Penn State … and their parents!

Jan Snyder, State College