Letters to the Editor

Trump not elected president yet

Believe it or not, Donald Trump has not been elected president yet, and never will be if two members of the Electoral College are successful in their quest. The so-called “Hamilton Electors” argue that Trump is unfit to hold the office, and have asked electors who are pledged to Trump to abstain or write in a suitable Republican alternate. If they can persuade 37 electors to abandon Trump, the decision of who should become president will be in the hands of Congress.

Like it or not, the electors have the authority under Article 2 of the Constitution to reject a candidate for president if they think the person is unqualified. This feature was deliberately added to our Constitution by the Founding Fathers, who feared that there might come a day where the people would make a terrible mistake and elect a person of low moral character, who through lies and extravagant promises persuaded enough people to gain the majority vote, but once in power wielded the presidency like a dictatorship and ruined the Republic. The Founding Fathers saw pure democracy as naturally tending toward this fate — they read about many examples from history, and saw it happen in France in their own lifetimes. They introduced the Electoral College as one last safety net that we would hopefully never need. Will the electors reject Trump as unfit for the presidency when they meet to vote on Dec. 19?

James Webster, Lemont