Letters to the Editor

Time to make PSU salaries public

Penn State has guarded salary information with great fervor despite the fact that some institutions of higher education and governments make employee salary information public. It may be time to again petition and encourage state legislators to make PSU salaries public.

I say this because an acquaintance with access to PSU salary information told me on multiple occasions that a parent finding it difficult to fund a child’s college education would be horrified to know how much university administrators are paid. Additionally, I have friends who are PSU staff employees who grumble about the meager raises they receive year after year as they know that administrators and faculty continually receive increases several times that of their own.

As a Pennsylvania taxpayer and PSU alumna I am curious as to what I have heard and think that it is reasonable to know what PSU administrators are paid. I say this because as administrators they have more influence in regard to their salary and salary increases than staff or clerical employees. Maybe there is some self-dealing going on, funded by Pennsylvania taxpayers, and maybe we should know more about how our tax dollars are spent by PSU.

Additionally, faculty and administrators don’t need representation, graduate students have expressed interest in unionizing and IT staff across the university will soon have union representation; maybe staff should consider unionization as well — to have a collective voice.

Dennis Kohler,